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Name: Brenda
Date: 11/07/2010
Message: Hello Jay! What a awesome teaching you brought to muskegon on the right relationship. We need more dynamic teaching like this! may you stay encourage and continue to lift you up in your ministry. I see God doing great things in your life!!!

Name: Jessica Byrd
Date: 10/22/2010
Message: Prayer request: debt cancellation, need $5500 for Aug, Sept. and Oct. mortgage before foreclosure, send a paying tenant for my 3-bedroom apartment $1800 month NOW.

Name: Pastor T.
Date: 09/08/2010
Message: Jay Duane Driver, Dear Sir, Greetings to you in the wonderful name of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. I thank you so much for your wonderful message sermon on the Judges 16: 20. It is wonderful and heart touching and relies ourselves in the presence of God. Vow really the Holy Spirit God is using you to bring out truth and to know and follow the many like me and have faith in the strong foundation Once again I am so happy and receive your messages and I have blessed by your ministry, and I will forward these messages to know many of my brothers in Christ Thanking you sir, Yours faithfully, Pastor. K. Tulasiram. India

Name: J. Garrett
Date: 08/27/2010
Message: Hello, My Dear Friend, Once again your message has touched my heart. What???? Do you stand outside our home and read our mail before you write these? (TEE-HEE!)

Name: Rob and Lisa
Date: 08/27/2010
Message: Thank You so much Brother Driver for your inspiring messages, that you send us from week to week. I foward them to my family members and friend. We Love You with Jesus Love, for the great sacrifice and commit you made in ministry, in order to minister to us on a weekly bases, through freshfire. Thanks again, Bro. Driver, I'm so grateful.

Name: JB
Date: 06/09/2010
Message: Jay Driver: It never ceases to amaze me how the Lord uses your expositories in my life. The one's I have received prior to this one were so timely and powerful, however this particularly one is where the voice of the Lord has actually "visited" me. I am currently holding a spiritual project in my inward parts and the entire thrust of it is from Exodus 33:14-16. As a writer of theatrical ministry, I find this so relevant not only because it is the very essence of what God has given me, but also because it is so relevant to my life personally. Thank God for you Jay. He is truly using you and I really needed this time to write and let you know just how much. So much with this particular expository, that I am going to use a piece of it as intro into my theatrical presentation. I only seek now to seek God on why He allowed me to receive this today and what else is He saying regarding not my ministry but my life. God bless you Man of God. God bless you. Jacqueline

Name: Pastor Charles
Date: 06/02/2010
Message: Hello and Praise the Lord, Greetings in Jesus name our Lord and and soon coming savior.Yes, i do hope you are doing well in the Lord Jesus.My brethren in the Lord i am always glad for your teaching ministry and your words of encouragement to my ministry.May the Lord always bless and keep you.

Name: Supporter of your ministry
Date: 05/13/2010
Message: Thank you so much for the emails these are encouraging and help me understand the word of GOD as you break it down for us to understand. Its been awhile since I received these (work puts these as Spam mail). So it was nice to receive the word today. I am young in my Christian spiritual journey and I can feel/sense the LORD is working in me. I am dealing with a lot at this time....divorce, finances, and doing my best to not sin. Trying to turn from my "old sin nature' as Paul stated. Well sorry I wasn't trying to poor out my problems, but I just thought I'd let you know that what you are doing by getting the word out is great and please continue.

Name: J. Shakesnider
Date: 03/25/2010
Message: To God be the Glory for the work you are doing! I was led to view your guest book and I'm thankful that others feel as blessed and encouraged as I do. It seems like each weekly devotion is written just for me as I "go through" and yet others feel the same. God is truly at work! Be encouraged and continue being a blesing.

Name: Jenny C.
Date: 03/01/2010
Message: I have just had and/or have taken the time to read your devotioal and you are truly anointed and I thank you for blessing me with the Word. The metaphors are phenomenal and so exacting in their description that one can only misunderstand on purpose. I am going to have to make you my Ezra, God's scribe. He dictates and you write what He says and everyone gets blessed.

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