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The Leadership Factor “Leadership Dynamics for the 21st Century Church” provides a unique yet relative and much needed perspective on the challenges of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ in the 21st century, both universally and locally as it relates to individual congregations, respectively. It speaks directly and passionately to the urgency of the hour as the church of our Lord awaits His imminent return. At the heart of these challenges is the imperative for servant leadership. There has been a seismic shift in what is needed and expected of the church in these closing days of grace, and to properly respond, the church must deploy a new paradigm, incorporating strategies that will fully engage and focus its congregants on not only the need for servant leadership, but how the stewardship level for servant leadership must extend to every born-again believer. The book is a comprehensive read, easy to understand, and it reaches the pastor and the pew, the laity and the laborer, the servant, and the seeker. Meeting each one at the point of their most direct level of spiritual maturity, with full consideration of the clarion call to further ensure and solidify the role of servant leadership in meeting the holistic needs of the 21st century church.

"The uncertainty of the times in which we live and the multitude of challenges that we have witnessed real time across the width and length of the community of faith requires that we re-examine our individual and collective leadership responsibility. Not only to affect the necessary transitions that are required to make the proper adjustments in response to these times, but to also ensure the long-term sustainability of the local church until Jesus comes. We must, therefore, use our influence be it with one, many, or a host of persons within and outside of the walls of our local church body by leading others to Christ through evangelism, encouraging growth and development through discipleship, and by providing the resources for programs and practices that edify God’s people." Excerpt from The Leadership Factor: "Leadership Dynamics for the 21st Century Church, by Jay Duane Driver.

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