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Grace and Peace Be Unto You From God the Father and Our Lord and  Savior Jesus Christ

Out of the ashes of my own personal Pastoral Ministry experience, God has birthed Fresh Fire Ministries.  I believe that there are times when our passions need to be revived, refreshed, and re-ignited concerning our purpose, and the passion for ministry.  Fresh Fire Ministries desires to be a catalyst for re-igniting the flames of passion for the work of the ministry, and the advancement of the gospel of Jesus Christ by providing essential ministry resources through the expository teaching of God's Word in order to discover and pursue our purpose for life.  

Spiritual burnout; physical exhaustion; apathy; complacency and the need for healing have permeated the lives of many in the body of Christ from pastors, ministers, church leaders, to lay persons.  As a result, passion is often loss, and the divine purposes of God often go unfulfilled.  The fire that was once an inferno is often reduced to an ember. Therefore, there is an immediate need to re-ignite the passion for purpose.  Without passion for the work of the ministry, the church is ultimately rendered ineffective in answering the call of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who has granted each of us a specific purpose before the foundation of the world. 

Fresh Fire Ministries has been called by God to lay a sure foundation for an effective life-changing ministry based upon Jesus Christ and the expository teaching of God's word that we may serve those who desire spiritual healing and renewal through Faith, Inspiration, Restoration, and Encouragement. 

Fresh Fire Ministries is dedicated in memory of my maternal grandparents, Walter and Willie Lue Tucker.  Through their faith, and love for Christ and the church, valuable seeds were sown into my life at a very young age.  It was their prayerful desire that God would keep His hands on my life, anoint me for the work of the ministry, and allow me to make Christ known to others. 

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