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 Expository Teaching 

There will always be a need for the proclamation and preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for as the Apostle Paul states, "It is the power of God unto salvation."  Yet, and perhaps equally important is the need for a clear and concise exposition of God's word in order to bring further insight and revelation into divine truth.

The word "expository" which is derived from the word "exposition" simply means to set forth the meaning or purpose of a writing, in this case, the Word of God.  In addition, expository teaching is a format or style if you will, designed to convey information.  Therefore, a Bible expositor is simply one who explains or expounds on the Word of God.

It is the intent of the Bible expositor or teacher to connect two very important ideals.  First, the teacher must hold on to the truth of the message or text, striking the line of truth cleanly, never adding or removing anything from it.  Secondly, the teacher needs to be able to communicate or reach out and with the help of the Holy Spirit's anointing, "grab" the heart of the listener.

It is not always an easy balance to find, but expository teaching examines each verse of scripture in light of God's original meaning and intent in order to bring illuminating revelation to the people of God.  The responsibility of the Bible expositor or teacher is to make the message "F.I.T."  This process begins with what I like to refer to as placing a "frame" around the text.  This is the beginning of the teaching session or message where I make practical and contemporary statements regarding the lesson text that will assist the listener in properly applying the text to their life.  The second part of the teaching session is to "introduce" the text.  This is accomplished by giving a brief historical background concerning the author of the text and the purpose of his writing along with the circumstances under which the text was originally written.  Finally, I actually "teach" the text or expound on it verse by verse with clear and concise explanation of each part of the text along with special emphasis being placed on key words.  This is my personal process to ensure that the exposition of the scriptures bring applicable revelation and practical insights for living.

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