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Fan Into Flame the Gift of God

Jay Duane Driver, of Houston, Texas, brings over thirty-seven (37) years of combined ministry experience, as a Senior Pastor, Youth Pastor, Praise and Worship Leader, and Bible Expositor to the forefront as the founder of Fresh Fire Ministries.

After several years of attempting to balance a full-time ministry with full-time secular employment, and the multitude of challenges involved, Jay encountered extreme spiritual burnout and physical exhaustion.  While the fire and passion for God had not been completely extinguished, what once had been an inferno was significantly reduced to an ember.  In the midst of one of the most difficult decisions of his life, Jay decided to take a much needed sabbatical in order to undergo a process of spiritual healing, and renewal even though at the time it brought hurt and embarrassment to his own personal ministry.  Throughout this valley experience, Jay re-discovered one very important truth.  No matter what God has called you to do, He will never ever give up on you. He will keep investing in you regardless of the circumstances. God's gifts and calling are without repentance.  (Rom. 11:29)

It was within this process of spiritual healing and renewal that God, through the ministry of Pastor Kendall Bridges, of The Worship Center in Houston, that Jay's passion for the work of the ministry was re-ignited, refreshed, and revived.  Jay began to consider the fact that hundreds, and even thousands of those in ministry, and people in everyday life have faced similar circumstances yet not knowing where to turn, or with their cry for help going unheard or unnoticed.  With a new assignment in hand, and a fresh anointing from God, it is Jay's desire to help others avoid being overwhelmed by the constant demands of ministry and life in general.  That goal has become his purpose and passion for serving others through his relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord.

Fresh Fire Ministries is dedicated in memory of Jay's maternal grandparents, Walter and Willie Lue Tucker and his mother, Mother Mary Alice Pace-Riley.  Through their faith, and love for Christ and the church, valuable seeds were sown into Jay's life at a very young age.  It was their prayerful desire that God would keep His hands on Jay's life, anoint him for the work of the ministry, and allow Jay to go forth to make Christ known to others. May God grant you grace for the moment and joy for the journey as we patiently await the imminent return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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